Medical and Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Industries and Professional Content Marketing for the medical field

360 MARKETING & ADVERTISING is a certified and trusted creative agency specializing in medical and healthcare marketing—our proven results and experience over twenty-two years with the healthcare marketing field. Assisting and developing healthcare marketing strategies, consistent healthcare branding, responsive healthcare websites, professional content marketing for the medical field, programmatic digital marketing for healthcare industry linked to patient and physician data for local and national healthcare industry clients such as:

  • Medical Groups

  • Hospitals locally and nationally

  • Healthcare Compliance Companies

  • Healthcare Insurance

  • Individual Practitioners

  • Dental practices

  • Oral Surgeons

  • Plastic Surgeons

  • Medical Equipment

  • Medical Device

  • Health Care Providers

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Health and Wellness Clinics

  • Health Systems

  • HMO’s

  • Physician-Hospital Organizations

  • Nonprofit medical campaigns

Success in the medical marketing field centers around marketing technology advancements, innovations, and ongoing patient interactions with omni-channel platform marketing. Whether you are an individual medical physician, a therapist, practitioner, or a large medical group or hospital facility with access to the most advanced medical equipment and procedures, 360 Marketing & Advertising can work with you on growing your brand and establishing a network of loyal patients combining award-winning healthcare marketing strategies. We will use our photography and videography services to create stunning images of your state-of-the-art equipment or to create a video explaining the benefits of your medical services or routine procedures. 360 Marketing & Advertising works hard to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns with well-rounded strategies combining targeting digital marketing, direct mail, social media marketing, media placement, and strategic content and design.

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Is your business in the medical industry?  Are you Legit Script Certified? This Certification is required by Google, Facebook, Instagram to run paid advertising and must be completed by your individual business owners, and employees. This certification runs background checks on business owners, partners, and employees.

Medical and Healthcare Marketing

Over 22 Years of History, Medical Clients that Trust 360 Marketing & Advertising: